Introducing Kumano Ai

If installing your fin for the first time in a regular surfboard / SUP :
Please be careful: some tight surfboard / SUP fin boxes
may not be suitable for use with Kumano Ai.

Always start with one Ai, insert the fin's Ai approx 50% in to your fin box
and make sure you can remove the fin,

With one Ai in 50% if the fin is too tight in your fin box
it might be VERY difficult to remove it if you push in 100%,
in this case do not continue !
(contact us for support, use only a fin screw or return to your dealer).

There are two types of Kumano Ai :

  • Ai for regular surfboards and SUP
    (usually made with fiberglass, carbon or epoxy)
    Kumano Ai for regular boards
  • Ai for inflatable SUP (iSUP) and Foam Surfboards
    and any board using "Air7 brand fin boxes"
    Kumano Ai for Inflatable and foam boards

How to use fins with Kumano Ai :

insert into your fin box. slide the fin forward lock down & go !

Caution & notes Kumano Ai Fins :

when removing fin, protect you hand, the trailing edge of the fin maybe sharp.

Kumano Ai fins usually come with only one Ai installed.
If the fin with only one Kumano Ai installed is not tight enough, you may need to add one or two Ai to make install better and keep the others as spare.