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George Greenough 7.25 ~ 9.75" stage 6 Fiberglass Fin

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George Greenough 7.25 ~ 9.75" stage 6 Fiberglass Fin

This fin has its roots in George’s windsurfer! He and others have lent strong encouragement to bring this design to the surf world. The basic theory is a “stiff leg” and “active paddle” (sometimes called the paddle fin). By putting the working part of the fin deeper in the “clean” water, the feeling is solid yet highly maneuverable. This fin is one of the only designs we have ever claimed to nose ride as well as it performs in the turns.

The 9.75” is a perfect complement to a 9’6” single fin. These fins surf a bit smaller than their size compared with conventional fin sizing.

7.25" Features Kumano System, the screw-less/tool-less fin system for surfboard and paddleboards was developed and patented by the Japanese fin designer/craftsman, K. Kumano.

Our unique ball bearing system has gone through intensive field tests and easily allows the users to securely snap fins in or out without hassle.

(Kumano Bearing System is not recommended for use with the 9.75" fin)

Foil by Mr. Chuck Ames, Made by True Ames

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