Kumano Ai

Joel Tudor Signature 9.2" Kumano Ai Nylon Fin (for Air7 Fin box)

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Joel Tudor Signature 9.2" Kumano Ai Nylon Fin For Air7 fin box

Features Kumano System, the screw-less/tool-less fin system for surfboard and paddleboards was developed and patented by the Japanese fin designer/craftsman, K. Kumano.

Our unique Kumano Ai system has gone through intensive field tests and easily allows the users to securely click fins in or out without hassle.

 Introducing Kumano Ai

"Kumano Ai" are the small cylinders that hold the fin tight in your board.

WARNING : This ORANGE color Ai should ONLY be used with inflatable SUP or Air7 Fin box. If you put this fin into a regular surfboard or SUP you may never get it out!
(never try to install this ORANGE Ai in to a regular hard surfboard or SUP which are usually made with epoxy, fiberglass etc)

 There are two types of Kumano Ai :

  1. BLUE Ai for regular surfboards and SUP
    (boards usually made with fiberglass, carbon or epoxy)

  2. ORANGE Ai ONLY for inflatable SUP (iSUP) and Foam Surfboards and any board using "Air7 brand fin boxes"

How to use fins with Kumano Ai :​

  1. insert into your fin box.

  2. slide the fin forward

  3. lock down & go !


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